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Through more than 40 years of global market experience we know our customer’s necessities and our manufac­turer’s challenges. Customer satisfaction and high performance products are some of our distinctive features.

We offer to you our competent and versatile support for your individual project, working together closely and on equal footing with you and our producers in order to create a win-win situation for everybody. We know the enormous savings potential in sales. Therefore, we offer to you both reliability and flexibility through short delivery times directly from our local warehouse.

Our central warehouse in Europe guarantees European standards according to DIN ISO certification.

We offer the following services to you:

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Solutions for everyone

Whether you are from Germany or from somewhere else in the world or simply searching for a more sustainable solution for your packaging, the different company branches of SIP will provide the proper solution for your request.

Specialized on international cooperations.

SIP Solutions is internationally active, building worldwide networks for packaging solutions and connecting know-how across continents.

Specialized on national cooperations.

SIP Germany was founded in 2016 with a team that has been working in the packaging industry for 40 years. Quality in the support of our projects combined with successful products is our ambition as well as the further development of packaging today and in the future.

Specialized on sustainable film solutions.

Engaging in the presentation of new film products under the premise of sustainability and recyclability, as well as projects supporting environmentally-sensitve use of films.

Our materials

We offer you high performance and high quality films in a number of different variations for a wide range of applications. If you would like more information, please send us your inquiry.

Thanks to a special technical process during the manufacture of these fils, important material properties can be covered more simple and less complexe for a wide range of applications.
BOPA films are available in thicknesses of 10, 12, 15 and 20 mic and are available in multiple widths directly from the European warehouse.
These films are available in a large number of variations. Please send us your specific inqiury.
EVLON PLA films are made from renewable raw materials and are 100% biodegradable using the industrial composting process.

Our globally known partners

We are representing and closly cooperating with globally known manufactures and producers of the film industry from all over the world. Our partners stand for high performance and high quality materials and services.

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